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Satanic Orb Spell

With the aid of the Lord Satan we can now offer to you the powerful gift of the Satanic Orb.

Ee have been blessed to have received a gift to share from Lord Satan himself, allowing the creation of a powerful connection with Satan and any entity one wishes to connect with.

"Lord Satan came to us that evening to bestow upon us a gift….. A gift we want to share with you…..
It was a dark night, rainy and stormy outside and I was alone meditating in my sanctuary, connecting with Lord Satan. He came to me and offered me a dark and powerful gift. He offered to bestow upon me his Satanic Orb." 

The Satanic Orb is a beautiful black orb that is placed in the mind. He appeared before me and immediately I kneeled before him and allowed him to place the powerful tool behind my third eye.  

The Orb is powerful and  once placed it then spreads an amazing energy over he/she who is lucky enough to be blessed with this amazing gift from Lord Satan.

The Orb increases mental clarity and focus and increases ones mental and psychic abilities.

"I found that when the orb was implanted in me my energy begin to re-focus and this wave of clarity took over. I could communicate better with entities and translate the messages of the spiritual world with ease."

The Orb also cleanses your aura so that you have your own sense of clarity and any binding or impeding energies are banished and you are released and allowed to experience yourself and embrace true freedom.

The Satanic orb is a powerful tool for helping to establish a link with entities and expanding your psychic awareness.

Once the orb is implanted in your mind it will expand over your being and begin to increase your energy.

The orb effects everyone differently but from those we have cast it on we have already seen some amazing results....

~Increased ability when it comes to connecting and communicating with entities
~Increased spiritual awareness
~Increased ability to connect and receive messages from the spiritual world.
~Increased energy and Psychic abilities
~Increased connection to ones higher self and spiritual inspiration
~Increased creativity
~Increased connection to Lord Satan and Lucifer
~Increased connection to the higher demons
~Increased mental clarity and focus.

And so much more....

In short, the Satanic Orb is a gift bestowed upon you by Lord Satan which opens up the third eye and increases your abilities. It will effect everyone differently but it is truly an amazing experience and a must have for anyone on the Left Hand Path or those who wish to work with Lord Satan and the Demons.

Lord Satan is very generous with those under him and gives generous gifts to assist in spiritual growth and development. Lord Satan teaches people about the pure dark path. Discovering your darkness and mastering it so that it does not control you and that you become a pillar of spiritual strength, balance and freedom.

The Orb is designed to enhance ones communication abilities and psychic telepathy which will enhance your connection with the spirit world. It will also create a communication chain with you and Lord Satan. Lord Satan teaches people about the pure dark path. Discovering your darkness and mastering it so that it does not control you and that you become a pillar of spiritual strength, balance and freedom.

When you awaken your darkness and understand your full nature you are free of its control and able to walk life complete. Everyone has a dark side, your dark side is nothing to be afraid of, understanding it is not going to make you an ax murderer or a terrible person, quite the contrary. When you lack an understanding of your dark nature is when other malicious forces can take control of it and use it to twist and manipulate you to do things against your nature, or things that make you feel bad.

When you master your dark self you gain a level of control and your emotions no longer control you… you control them. This allows you to be in complete control of yourself and gives you greater power and mental clarity. Your decisions are then made from clarity and you can act stronger, instead of making emotional decisions that you later regret.

The Satanic Orb allows you to see entities, feel entities and strengthen your communication with entities. We want to bestow this gift upon you. The gift of the Satanic orb. Lord Satan gave us the ability to bestow the orb. The mental Clarity and spiritual Power of Lord Satan, can be placed upon you if you so desire.
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exlovers spell casters +27739609999
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exlovers spell casters +27739609999

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